Friday, July 22, 2011

Press Release BBCA 2011 2012

Big Blue Contemporary Arts is announcing for 2011-
2012 their 1st public art experiment in process
‘art n’ science and the built environment’.

Project Opening 28th July 2011 20.00 Aspres Votsalakia
beach Samos
Duration 28th July - 17th September 2011
Other beaches: Svala, Fournaki, Potami.

Venue of works 27th September - 20th October 2011
Opening 27th September 21.00 Mavrogeneion Malagari Vathi Samos.

Multi-national participants from Greece, France,
England and Turkey will reflect on Michel Foucault’s
Heterotopias ,,of other spaces’’
Heterotopia spots in Greece: Samos beaches: Votsalakia, Marathokambos, Svala Kambos Bourlioton, Potami Karlovassi.
Participants: Aimilia Georgali, Alek Lindus, John Lindus, Sofiane Ait Chalalet, Dimitris Katsivas, Phedra Blanchart, Nikos Angelis, Penny Giannakou, Maria Sevastaki, Stella Bolonaki, Peter Muller, Yorgos Skandalis, Gerti Kyriazi, Sieglinde Doring.

Turkey Atila Ilkyaz, Feyza Ilkyaz. Denmark Amadine Dovelos. France Julien Danglard.

Sociologist Chris Jones and writer and journalist Elsa Chiou will present the recently published book by bookmark publishers London ,,Voices from the West Bank’’ by Chris Jones and Michael Lavalette.
Teacher of Physics, Marios Thravalos, will talk about the built environment and people with special needs in Greece.

Events and interactive performances during these months will be announced on our Facebook page

The public is invited to interact and contribute with artists and scientists on Votsalakia beach, Marathokambos Samos Greece, from the 25th July 2011.

Sponsored by participants and supported by the Samos councils, Greece.

Dedicated to the memory of
Stavroula Kioulafa
Pantelis Piet Termaat
Vangelis Diamantides

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