Tuesday, September 7, 2010

PRESS RELEASE: ,,Like a Rock'' BBCA -, Vathi, Samos -, Greece

WELCOME mixed media installation.
A Contextual and Social Performance (parallel event of BBCA exhibit)  
Amandine Dovelos Julien Danglard.   
20th August, 2010.  From  the detention centre for refugees Vathi Samos to Vathi port.  Samos, Greece.

WELCOME to  Samos the  island at the gateway of Europe, between Minor Asia and Europe.

A contextual and poetic concept in response to the actual politics.

A contextual attitude in response to the treatment inflicted to the fundamental and universal ideals.

Looking for asylum like and identity rising from the territories.

An anti territorial geography takes shape.

Contemporary cartographies between fiction and reality.


The weight as a metaphor.
The immigration as a pathway.
The weight as a metaphor of the migrants.
Weaving links between mythology,history and actuality.
A suitcase and an old trunk covered with maps.
Like a modern Sisyth.Pulling, sweating this weight.
Like a rock.
Like a load.
Tracing a road.
Letting a print.
Walking we create.

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